il campeggio

The camping

Located in the eastern area of Jesolo, in the peaceful Pine Forest, far from the noise and immersed in luxurious vegetation, next to bars, restaurants, supermarkets and various sources of fun, the Parco Cigno Bianco is the ideal campsite for families and children.

The Parco Cigno Bianco campsite is 400 m from the sea and less than 1 km from the start of one of the biggest pedestrian islands in Europe, so that after relaxing under the hot summer sun and in the soothing sea, you can spend the night-time shopping and going to pizzerias, ice-cream parlours, discos and other fun locations.

Given the numerous cycle paths, we advise you to bring your bikes!

The Cigno Bianco campsite and Jesolo welcome you and wish you an unforgettable holiday.

Cash hours 
08.00/13.00 – 15.30/21.00
08.00/13.00 – 15.30/22.00
Rest hours
13.00/15.30 – 24.00/07.00